We are Materiom

Materiom is a non-profit working at the intersection of design, digital fabrication, ecology, and material science.

We believe this multidisciplinary and collaborative approach is the key to unlocking a 21st century materials economy that is regenerative by design.

We are an international team of designers, material scientists and engineers based in Chile, Spain, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Mexico.

We are passionate about developing, testing, and sharing materials that regenerate our local, regional, and global economy and ecology.

Advisory Board

Michael Pawlyn

Director, Exploration Architecture

Tomas Diez

Founder, Fab City Research Laboratory

Mara Balestrini

CEO, Ideas for Change

Michael Werner

Lead for Safer Chemistry and Product Sustainability, Google

Sarah Mann, Director

Architecture Design Fashion, The British Council

Santanu Chaudhuri

Director, Accelerated Materials Research, Illinois Applied Research Institute

Heather Corcoran

Lead for European Design and Technology Outreach, Kickstarter

Mark Miodownik

Professor of Materials and Society, University College London Mechanical Engineering

Simon Widmar

Project Manager Circular Design, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Uli Becker

Startup advisor, former CEO sporting goods executive

With support from