Variations for Natural dye - Onion Skins


Natural dye - Onion Skins

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Step one

Prepare the Onion skins

  • Wash the onions

    • Scrub them if they are very soily. Remove any roots or mould peel pieces

  • Take the dried skins off the onions to use. 

    • Set aside the onions to cook & eat later!)

    • You can put the peel in the measuring jug, squash them down to see how much you have. This can be useful if you want to repeat the recipe many times and record your results/variances.

Step two

You can use the skin in different ways. Each of the following options should give a  similar result ( but the preparation beforehand of the peel will allow you to use it in different ways afterwards should you want to try it in another recipes)

    1. Use the skin in large whole pieces

    2. Tear or chop it up into smaller pieces

    3. Finely chop it in a blender

Step three

Cooking the Dye

  • Add the peel into the saucepan

  • Add the Water 

    • This can be cold or preheated; either may change the result of the final mixture

  • Cover with a lid and cook the water and peel in the pan for 10 minutes. 

    • Try not to remove the lid if possible.

Step four

Strain or sieve the mixture. The colour of the onion will depend on the kind of colour created.