Variations for Avocado Pit Bioplastic Av03


Avocado Pit Bioplastic Av03

Created By: LABVA  


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LABVA, Valentina Aliaga


Step one

Prepare the extraction of Avocado Pit Starch and pigmented water (recipe are on the ingredient page).

In a pan mix 8 grams of Avocado pit starch with 225 ml of the pigmented water, 3 ml vegetal glycerine and 1.2 ml vinegar.

Step two

Put on low heat and wait, stirring gently avoiding clumps and introducing air bubbles (stir vigorously if you want to add bubbles).

Stir until it changes from opaque to clear. This is very important.

Step three

Once it's clear and hot (avoid boiling it unless you want to add bubbles in the mixture) pour the mixture in a mold making it 3 mm thick.

Step four

Put in the oven at low heat (50-70°C) for 1 hour to 1 hour 20min with no ventilator (this step greatly depends on the oven, the thickness of the sheet and the purity of the starch extracted).

Step five

Once the time is up, leave it to dry in a dehydrator using the fan but no heat for 6-12hrs (The time of dehydration will depend on the oven process, the thickness of the sheet and the purity of the starch extracted).