Variations for Carrageenan Film Ca03


Carrageenan Film Ca03

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Step one

In a cooking pot, pour 350 ml of distilled water. After that, with a spoon, add little by little 16g of Carrageenan Kappa. You can also use Carrageenan Iota, however this will give you a slight variations in the final material.

Step two

Turn on the cooker to a high heat and start stirring, ideally with a rubber spatula. Mix constantly and until you have dissolved all the lumps.

Step three

When the mixture becomes homogeneous, add 4 ml of glycerin. Stir and mix a little longer.

Step four

If you want your bioplastic film with color, you can use natural or mineral colorants. In the pictures, we used spirulina (0.5 gr or 2 gr for a stronger green color).

Step five

Use a thermometer and heat the mixture to 70º C. Once at 70ºC, pour the mix in a heat resistant tray with a smooth surface. We used a 26x32cm tray.

Step six

Ideally, dry in a food dehydrator for 19hrs at 37º, but you can also air-dry the sample, which will take longer. Once the film dries, carefully peel off.