Variations for Conductive Gelatin bioplastic Ge04


Conductive Gelatin bioplastic Ge04

Created By: Clara Davis  
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Step one

In a cooking pot, off heat, mix the gelatin powder and the water. Stir and wait until the mixture thickens like a glue.

Step two

Start to heat the mixture on high heat. Stir time to time but not excessively to avoid additional foam. When the preparation become liquid again, add the glycerin.

Step three

Lower the heat as soon as you start to see a white deposit appearing on the surface of the mixture. Remove gently the foam with a spoon. Add the activated charcoal and stir.

Step four

Pour the preparation on a flat surface (in glass, silicone, plastic or varnished wood) with edges delimiting the desired shape. IMPORTANT : prepare your mold before starting to cook to avoid a final panic !

Step five

Wait 4/5 days of drying before removing the bioplastic material from its molding surface.