Variations for Coconut Fiber - Agar Bioplastic CoF 01


Coconut Fiber - Agar Bioplastic CoF 01

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Francisca Taira Gutiérrez Urra


Step one

First, a liquid mixture is prepared with the water and the wet coconut fibre. For this, both ingredients are liquefied in a processor.

Step two

Then the resulting liquid is mixed with the glycerol and agar in a pot over medium heat, taking care that the agar is completely dissolved.

Step three

The mixture is constantly stirred until it boils and thickens.

Step four

When the mixture is viscous, it is removed from the heat and placed in the moulds.

Step five

The mixture should rest in the mould for approximately 4 hours, after which it should be carefully removed and placed on a breathable surface (E.g. a grid or a perforated surface).

Step six

The material will complete its drying process in approximately 2 weeks in an environment with temperatures close to 22 ºC.