Variations for Cork | pine resin (high heat) Cor01


Cork | pine resin (high heat) Cor01

Created By: Alexandre Micheloud  


Image Credit :

Alexandre Micheloud


Step one

Separately weigh the cork and pine resin using the proportions of your choice.

Step two

Light the stove to medium temperature and place the cooking pot on top of it. Add pine resin.

Step three

Let the pine resin dissolve on its own until it becomes completely liquid. You will see bigger bubbles forming followed by smaller ones. Once you do not see bubbles anymore, add the cork.

Step four

Cook the cork and stir for 2-3 minutes. The mixture should be around 110 degrees celcius.  At first, chunks of cork will form when mixed with the liquid pine resin. Break them with a spoon or spatula to get a mixture that is as granulate as possible. The cooking time depends on the strength of your stove. Stop before 3 minutes if too much smoke comes out of the pot.

Step five

Turn off the stove and rapidly pour the mixture into a flat-bottomed mold.  Use the weight rapidly and press the mixture for 3 minutes. The more pressure you put, the stronger the structure you will get in the end. 


Step six

Take the mixture out of the mold. The mixture might stick, in which case tap it gently until it comes out.