Variations for Gelatin | ochre 'leather' Ge02


Gelatin | ochre 'leather' Ge02

Created By: Antonia Bañados   Maquinario  

Fab Lab Santiago



Image Credit :

Antonia Bañados


Step one

Mix the water, gelatin, and ochre in a pot.

Step two

Heat until the mixture starts to thicken and bubble.

Step three

Pour into the mold and let dry.  The drying period strongly depends on the thickness of the final product but also on room temperature and humidity. It may take up to several days until sheet is fully dry. Once the sheet is fully dry it can be removed from the mold carefully using a scalpel or thin knife.  Note that the ochre collects at the bottom of the sheet, creating leather-like material that is harder and denser at the bottom.