Variations for Orange disks


Orange disks

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Step two

Measure 100 ml of water

Step three

Measure 100 ml of water

Step four

Pour into pan and bring to simmer

Step five

Add 5g of agar agar

Step six

Simmer until foamy

Step seven

Slice orange into circles and remove the centre, so just a circle of peel is left

Step eight

Prepare equipment

Step nine

Using a knife and chopping board, slice orange into equal circles. Then remove the centre, so that you are left with circles of orange peel.

Step ten

Arrange the orange peel circles on a baking tray.

Step eleven

Measure out 100ml of water. Then pour the water into the pan and bring to a gentle simmer.

Step twelve

Dissolve 5g of agar agar in the water

Step thirteen

Add some of the juice from the orange, if you want the agar agar to have some colour

Step fourteen

Mix liquid and make sure the agar agar has dissolved

Step fifteen

Using a teaspoon, transfer the liquid into the centres of the orange peel circles

Step sixteen

Put the tray in the oven for 10 min and 50 degrees celsius

Step seventeen

Air dry for another 10 mins