Variations for Cornflour | Gelatin ‘concrete’


Cornflour | Gelatin ‘concrete’

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Step one

This is a developed recipe from the cornstarch, which creates an unbreakable steady concrete structure. (Ingredients: 128g Baking Soda, 64g Cornflour, 8g Zelatyna, 12g gelatine, 45g flour, 110g water and optionally crushed beetroot skin.

Step two

Measure out all ingredients into separate bowls.

Step three

Put baking soda, cornflour, zelatyna (and optional beetroot) into a saucepan on high heated hob.

Step four

Add 98g of the water, then add gelatine.

Step five

Mix continuously. When you stop mixing you want to see the mixture bubble and expand.

Step six

Gently fold in half of the flour to thicken mixture and it will become a very dry mashed potato consistency.

Step seven

Add the rest of the water, until it becomes very smooth and runny. Fold in the rest of the flour and turn the hob to a medium heat.

Step eight

Wait for the mixture to become dough-like.

Step nine

Allow the material dough to cool before rolling and shaping, then cast it into shapes.

Step ten

Allow the forms to air dry for 1-2 days.