Variations for Black and white Bioplastic


Black and white Bioplastic

Created By: Ortensia Kruger  
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Step one

1. Boil 450ml of water.

Step one

Step three

2. At boiling point, add 5g of powdered charcoal, 4g of agar agar, 5g of gelatin and 2.5 g of glycerol.

Step four

3. stir and let boil for 5 minutes until the liquid is well mixed together.

Step five

4.Pour into a mould, without covering the whole surface- gives you a possibility to draw and create abstract shapes.

Step six

5. let sit.

Step seven

6. Boil 450ml of water.

Step eight

7. At boiling point add 5g of agar agar, 5g of gelatin and 2.5g of glycerine.

Step nine

8. Stir and let boil for 5 minutes, until liquid looks unified and well mixed.

Step ten

9. Pour into the same mould as black bioplastic and make sure you cover the whole surface of the mould, even where you poured you black liquid.

Step eleven

10. Let dry naturally and only when completely dry take out of mould.