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Egg membrane fabric Eg03

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Step one

Prepare egg white solution: prepare 250 ml of egg white and refrigerate for one day. Pour egg white into a bowl with 3.5 g salt, 3.5 g sodium citrate, 0.5 ml glacial acetic acid, 7.5 ml distilled water. Mix the ingredients with a whisk blender for 20 mins. Refrigerate the mixed solution for one more day. To get clean solution, remove bubbles and lumps using a spoon and a tea bag.

Step two

Put wasted eggshells in water for 5 hours and peel membranes by hand. (It is possible to melt down eggshells by vinegar.)

Step three

Boil membranes for 5 minutes in a pot in order to clean them. Take out membranes and blend them.

Step four

Pour blended membranes into a paper mould and make a paper. Remove water on a paper mould by a spunge. Remove the mould and let them get dried for 3 hours. Then you will get paper-like sheets.

Step five

Mix the egg white solution with 100 ml of glycerol. Put egg paper to absorb the solution for 1 minute.

Step six

Dry for 2 hours.