Variations for Kombucha Fabric K01


Kombucha Fabric K01

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Maria Jose Besoain



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Maria Jose Besoain


Step one

Boil the water. Add the tea and sugar, and infuse for 5 min. Let it cool to below 30° celsius, do not use hot tea in the preparation (above 35 ° C), as it can kill the starter bacterial culture.

When the tea mixture is below 30 degrees celsius in temperature, pour into a sterilized canning jar. Do not use a ceramic or metallic container (if you want to drink the Kombucha).


Step two

Add the starter culture, this can be another kombucha drink, the kombucha pellicle, organic apple vinegar, or just try wild fermentation.

Cover with cloth or a paper towel, it's important to let the gaseous exchange happen but we need to avoid culture contamination. Leave to ferment at a temperature of 25 - 28 degrees celsius avoiding light.

The growth of the kombucha mother, or 'scoby', is a process of growth spanning seven to fourteen days (from a starter culture) depending on environmental conditions, reaching a thickness of seven to twelve millimeters.


Step three

Harvest the Scoby culture pellicle from the jar, wash it under tap water thoroughly eliminating the yeast (brown strands) and leave it soaking in water for a few days if you want to get rid of the acetic acid smell. 

Put it on a piece of wood or other type of surface where it will dry avoiding direct sunlight.