Variations for Sunflower seed | Eggshell composite


Sunflower seed | Eggshell composite

Created By: Kemi Ajose   CSM BA Textile Design  
Image Credit :

Kemi Ajose 


Step one

Clean the eggshells by boiling them in water to get rid of any excess bacteria. Then place them in the oven. Gas mark 4/5 till brittle.

Step two

Then place in a grinder. With the sunflower seeds and grind till a powdery texture.

Step three

Place the eggshells into the grinder along with the sunflower seeds. And ground till a powdery texture.

Step four

Place the powdery substance into a bowl, add the sodium alginate and water and mix till and jelly like powder consistency.

Step five

Spread the mixture onto a flat surface, and leave to air dry till a solid texture.

Step six

Spread the mixture onto a flat surface.

Step seven

Leave to air dry for up to 24hrs.