Variations for Tapioca Starch Bioplastic


Tapioca Starch Bioplastic

Created By: Malavika Byju  
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Step one

Take a cooking pot (preferably steel container). Add starch and water and stir thoroughly until no lumps are present and starch is completely dissolved.

Step two

Add glycerine and vinegar to the starch solution and mix well.

Step three

Now, cook the solution under a low flame for five minutes, don't forget to keep stirring the solution until it becomes a thick translucent paste.

Step four

Transfer the compound from the cooking pot and spread it over a butter/ oil coated flat surface. Keep it for air-drying for at least 7 days.

Step five

Once it's completely dried, carefully peel it off from the surface and dip it in water for few minutes and dry it.