Variations for Beer spent grain biocomposite


Beer spent grain biocomposite

Created By: LABVA  

María José Besoain, Alejandro Weiss, LABVA

Image Credit :

Ramón Vásquez


Step one

Retrieve the spent grain from the beer process. If you can, dehydrate it, if not try to take as much water out of the spent grain as possible. 

Step two

Part a: Mix 100ml of Water with 7.5g of agar agar and 5ml of glycerine.

Step three

Part b: Mix 150ml of water with 15g of sugar to dilute the sugar and the 3.6g of calcium propionate. Then pour the spent grain, put this mix to boil, once it does, add the Part a mix and wait till it boils again.

Step four

Pour in a mold, being careful not to leave air bubbles as you pour it in.