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Eggshell biocomposite

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Step one

PREPARE EGGSHELL: 1. Boil eggshell to kill bacteria. 2. Dry eggshell (it can be naturally dried or using the oven) 3. Grind eggshell 4. Sieve eggshell to get a fine powder

Step two

GATHER INGREDIENTS: Eggshell 24g - Gelatine 5g - Water 12mL

Step three

MIX 1. Mix water and gelatin powder in a pan. The water should be at medium high temperature 2. Add eggshell and mix until a slightly viscous and sandy-like paste is reached. Note: Gelatin molecules break more easily when water is hot, so make sure to pour the eggshell before the mix is too liquid.

Step four

FORMING Pour the eggshell mix inside any mold Note: If you want to create a capsule, the mix is poured over a balloon in sections

Step five

DRYING Let it dry and voilà! Note: If you want to accelerate the process of demolding, you can put it inside a freezer and then take it out of the mold and let it dry at room temperature until a rigid piece is reached. This creates one tile of bioceramic measuring 49 cm2 and is dried to 1 cm thick.