Variations for Guar Gum Bioplastic (raw) GG01


Guar Gum Bioplastic (raw) GG01

Created By: Caitlin Driver  
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Step one

Combine water, glycerin, and guar gum powder in a blender

Step two

Blend until smooth

Step three

Pour the mixture into a degasser and run for approximately 1-2 minutes to remove bubbles

Step four

Transfer the mixture into a mold or dehydrator tray

Step five

Dehydrate at 40° C for 1-2 days

Step six

Remove bioplastic from mold or dehydrator tray and use it straight away. You can also prepare another batch of bioplastic and pour it over the dehydrated bioplastic and dehydrate it again to create a thicker material. *Note: this bioplastic will stick to other materials when wet.