Variations for Gelatin-Methylcellulose Bioplastic


Gelatin-Methylcellulose Bioplastic

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Materiom, Charlene Smith

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Tensile Strength, Ultimate 33.82 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity (Young's) 1092 MPa


Step one

Add distilled water (300 g/ml) and glycerol (7 g/ml) to the reaction vessel (beaker, or heat resistance pot), then stir until boiling.

Step two

Add methylcellulose (15 g) to the mixture stepwise (in small portions) whilst stirring until dissolved into solution, then proceed to add the gelatine (12 g) and stir into the solution.

Step three

Reduce the heat of solution to simmering point (65-75 ºC) and stir until homogenous. Remove any lumps or froth with a spatula.

Step four

Pour into moulds, once all the solids have dissolved. Then leave to set in the air - once moderately set transfer to the dehydrator at 35ºC for 18-21 hrs.