Variations for Marigold Flowers Bioplastic


Marigold Flowers Bioplastic

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Step one

First prepare the dye from marigold flowers - Fill your pot with water and about 10 -15 marigold flowers and bring it to a boil for one hour, until you achieve your desired color. When the water becomes the color you like, strain the liquid.

Step two

Mix all of the ingredients together, and stir.

Step three

Keep mixing until there are no clumps. Then heat the mixture to 95 C or to when it starts to froth (whichever comes first). Stir the mixture while you are heating it, and once it is at the right temperature (or starts to froth), remove from the heat and keep stirring.

Step four

Scoop out any excess froth with a spoon or strainer. Carefully pour the mixture into a flat mould, and make sure to spread it out to let it dry.

Step five

Once it is ready the sheet can be carefully removed from the mold using a knife or scalpel