Variations for Peapod Biomaterial


Peapod Biomaterial

Created By: Alara ErtenĂ¼  
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Step one

Freeze-dry and blend the peapods, then turn them into dust in a grinder.

Step two

Pour 100ml of water to a pan and add 3g of agar agar until the temperature is 60 degrees, then add 3g of vegetal glycerin and 25g of peapods, then mix. It will turn into a thick consistency.

Step three

Additional step if you want to create a foamy version of the Peapod Biomaterial: Break an egg, separate the yolk and white, whisk the separated white in a separate bowl and add it to the mixture and mix all the ingredients slowly.

Step four

Finally, pour the mixture into a flat mold and wait at least 2 to 3 days until its completely dry and remove.