Variations for Apple-pectin leather


Apple-pectin leather

Created By: Alicia Valdés  
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Step one

Put the 220ml of (preferably distilled) water in the cooking pot together with 20 to 30g of Glycerol. The more Glycerol you put into the mixture the more flexible the material will be.

Step two

Heat the Pot and slowly add the 15g of Apple Pectin step by step. Cook until the mixture is boiling. Keep cooking for another 10 mins.

Step three

The Apple Pectin will naturally form clumps. Therefore you need a handmixer to stir the mixture. You should do this while cooking. (Alternatively you can put the mixture into a blender after cooking).

Step four

Let the mixture cool down for another 10-15 mins before pouring it into a mold. The material will need (depending on weather and room temperature conditions) approximately 4-5 days to dry out completely.