Julia Brière

Brooklyn, New York, USA
About Julia Brière
I'm currently studying sustainable design at the Pratt Institute and I have been experimenting with biofabrication methods. For one of my projects, I upcycled avocado waste to create bioplastic and molds. Drawing on how nature works in symbiosis to create circular economies, I discovered a systems solution to repurpose avocado pits and monetize their potential rather than disposing them to a landfill. Avocados are high in demand and 5 million tons are produced every year. Growing 2 medium avocados requires 75 gallons of water. Avocado seeds are typically seen as waste, and millions of pits go straight to a landfill, where the byproduct of waste is greenhouse emissions. Additionally, 80% of avocados are transported, and they are transported in plastic and cardboard containers. I wanted to find a way to reduce the negative impacts of waste generated from the pit, while also offsetting the emissions and health concerns. What if we could recycle the part of the avocado that is most often discarded to create something valuable? I found a method to create a powder out of avocado pits. To develop the idea further, I began to use the avocado powder to create molds and bioplastic. Since the process can be used by anyone at home, it can also reduce an individual's carbon footprint.

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