Valentina Dipietro

London, UK
Material Research, Design, Lecturing
About Valentina Dipietro

Valentina Dipietro is a Material Designer, Researcher and graduate of the Royal College of Art in Textiles (MA). Adopting an experimental approach, Valentina works at the intersection of biology and design to explore innovative and disruptive sustainable designs for products, interiors and architecture. Combining her love for Art and Design and wanting to preserve the heritage and natural beauty of her island, Sicily, she researched into local waste streams that could be transformed into new materials. The most relevant examples being wine, wood and agricultural waste which she processes to create entirely new composites. To further develop her project 'Mychrome', she undertook a 12 week research residency at Green Lab, utilising their developing material lab to experiment with mycelium materials with an outcome to make them viable for products and interiors. Her project, 'Mychrome' (from mycelium and kroma, colour in ancient greek), is based on material circularity and usage of waste to supply a need for a radically sustainable range of materials for design which are compostable, but at the same time, desirable.

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