Precious Plastic Maastricht

Maastricht, Netherlands
Our team consists of bachelor students, PhD candidates, researchers, and activists with an eclectic mix of skills. From machine building, bioplastics engineering, electronics, and mathematics; to business and humanities subjects - we are diverse and enthusiastic about tackling the plastic pollution problem from every angle.
About Precious Plastic Maastricht
Precious Plastic Maastricht is a student-led initiative tackling plastic waste in Maastricht, in the south of the Netherlands. As part of the global Precious Plastic movement, our goal is to provide a local plastic upcycling opportunity. To achieve this, we build machines which convert plastic waste into durable, useful products, and carry out recycling workshops for students and local residents. We also created BioMaas, a project to transform local organic waste into compostable plastic alternatives, using the Biopress machine by BeyondPlastic. We work with local organisations to raise awareness and educate our community about plastic waste and recycling, and we are involved in research projects with Maastricht University to research sustainable ways to re-use organic waste, either by chemically extracting and modifying biopolymers from local waste streams, or by processing biomaterials in their original matrices, using heat and pressure.

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