Charlene Smith

My background is in Chemistry; nanotechnology, single-molecule magnets (SMMs), now intersecting design led initiatives through materials, smart textiles and biotechnology.
About Charlene Smith
Charlene Smith is a multidisciplinary scientist based in East London. She received her doctorate in Inorganic Chemistry from The University of Manchester (2013), specialising in the formulation and analysis of single-molecule magnets through to the applications of nanotechnology. She now divides her time between working at The University of the Arts, London, exploring initiatives that intersect multidisciplinary practices across art and science, alongside freelancing at creative design labs to drive innovation, consulting from a chemist’s perspective. She also collaborates with artists, sculptors and curators to explore the transitionary states between materials, matter and the senses. An Integral part of her work is to advocate STEAM agendas through Design led initiatives as a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art working on interdisciplinary projects in collaboration with CERN and Burberry.

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