Big Circle Studios

Johannesburg, South Africa
About Big Circle Studios
At Big Circle Studios we see ourselves as prototypers of a more inclusive and sustainable future.
Applying our expertise in research and design, Big Circle seeks to provide solutions that allow us to mitigate, adapt, and respond to the climate crisis in tangible and contextual ways.
To do so, we founded a studio that envisions a different model for the transition to a circular economy - one that is rooted in accessibility, community, and transfer of knowledge.
Centring progressive theories of socio-environmental justice, we propose calls to action by developing workshops, materials, products, and reports that prop-up sustainable futures for people and the planet. These outcomes bring to the forefront the need to advocate for inclusive, equitable, and thriving communities by reshaping our perspectives of environmentalism.
This framing reinforces Big Circle’s mission to facilitate grassroots development of the circular economy.

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