Nature has, for billions of years, thrived in
creating vast quantities of materials without
landfill or waste. It’s time we took notes.

Fossil-derived materials and products are fundamentally undermining our health, our ecosystems – our ability to sustain life on earth. What if materials like plastics were healthy instead of harmful for the world around us?

The next generation of materials is waste-free and regenerative by design.


Our vision is a world where materials regenerate nature and support human health.

Materiom is founded on a nature-inspired vision of the future – one where materials are made from abundant natural ingredients that are used, broken down, and used again. Just as nature uses a common set of building blocks to create high-performance materials - from spider silk to bone - we empower innovators worldwide to create regenerative materials using a common set of tools.

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WE do

Materiom’s mission is to accelerate the research, development, and uptake of materials that have a net-positive impact on the planet.

Our collaborative platform provides open data and AI software to accelerate widespread innovation, while our research team works with local communities to investigate regenerative value chains and the viability of regional, renewable biomass sources. Together, we convene an extensive network from across the materials value chain, including scientists, commercial material developers, consumer brands, retailers, recyclers, and composters.

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Meet the team

Alysia is Co-CEO and Founder of Materiom. She is also an Associate Professor of the circular economy at the Facultad de Administración y Economía, Universidad de Santiago de Chile and an Associate Fellow at the CABDyN Complexity Centre, Saïd Business School, at the University of Oxford. Her expertise lies within the circular economy, climate change, biomimicry, materials engineering, and digital fabrication. Her research focuses on developing the open source hardware and data needed to accelerate regenerative biomaterials R&D -in particular augmenting pre-existing scientific knowledge through the use of AI. She regularly collaborates with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, is a member of the International Society for the Circular Economy, and a regional co-chair of the Research Data Alliance. Alysia is a Rhodes Scholar and has a Doctorate from the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Santiago, Chile

Dr. Alysia Garmulewicz

Founder & Co-CEO

Liz is Co-CEO and Founder of Materiom. Liz is a systems thinking and circular design professional with an MA from University College London (UK). Her professional background encompasses commercial practice, academic research, teaching, and strategic advisory. Her expertise lies within materials engineering, product design, environmental monitoring, sustainability, and systems thinking. Prior to Materiom, Liz was the Managing Director of Metabolic Institute (NL) and led the Exploring Emergent Futures MA program within the Product Design Dept at the Royal College of Art (UK). Alongside Materiom, she is a lecturer at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (ESP).

London, UK

Liz Corbin

Founder & Co-CEO

Filippos is the Chief Scientist and Founder of Superlabs - an independent research institute focused on automating science to accelerate advanced materials innovation. Alongside his work at Superlabs, Filippos is a strategic advisor to Materiom on AI and ML. Filippos studied mechanical engineering at University of Patras (GR). He completed his MA in experimental fluid dynamics at von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (BE) and his PhD at Stevens Institute of Technology (USA), where he developed a machine learning-based metrology platform. He recently completed a Postdoctoral program at the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms (USA) where he developed a rapid metrology platform for complex fluids. His expertise lies within materials science, materials engineering, robotics, AI, machine learning, metrology, and open source hardware.

Cambridge, MA

Dr. Filippos Tourlomousis

AI & ML Lead

Charlene leads Life-Friendly Chemistry Research and Application at Materiom. She received her doctorate in Chemistry from The University of Manchester, specializing in nanotechnology applications. Her expertise lies within life-friendly chemistry, biomaterial design and testing, biodegradability, and ecotoxicology. An integral part of her work is to advocate STEAM agendas and Circular Economies through regenerative design-led initiatives. Charlene is a visiting researcher at the Royal College of Art, working on cross disciplinary projects in collaboration with the School of Design, CERN, and the Burberry Material Futures Research Group.

London, UK

Dr. Charlene Smith

Life-friendly Chemistry lead

Pilar is a Materials Researcher at Materiom and leads our engagement with digital fabrications labs. She is an interdisciplinary designer from the Universidad Catolica de Chile, and former Director of Technology Learning at Fab Lab Santiago. Pilar's work is at the interaction of design, education and new technologies. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Education and Technology at University College London.

London, UK

Pilar Bolumburu

Materials Designer & Researcher

Tim is a full stack web developer with over 10 years of experience at top agency level. As lead of Materiom’s software team, Tim’s focus is on ensuring a scalable data architecture that is FAIR data compliant as well as a high-performance front end that ensures an optimal user experience. His expertise lies within UX; UI; User-centered design; User research; FAIR data; HTML; PHP; CSS; Javascript; Vue.js; React.js; and Laravel.

London, UK

Tim Waring

Full Stack Developer

Clare is leading the development of new partnerships at Materiom. She has worked as a fundraising and philanthropy professional advising nonprofits, high net worth individuals, and corporate clients. Most recently, she worked for over 7 years at Credit Suisse in their Corporate Citizenship team supporting their grant making and partnership processes - helping the organization develop long lasting mutually effective charitable partnerships which had significant transformational impacts. In a personal capacity, Clare has served as a trustee for a number of non profit organizations in both the UK and New Zealand.

New Zealnd

Clare Irons

Fundraising & Partnerships Lead

Zoë’s worked as a Program Manager for over 2 years, managing multiple projects relating to climate change, sustainability, and regenerative agriculture. She’s passionate about these topics having also spent time volunteering and working for environmental conservation projects across Indonesia and southern Africa. She recently received her PRINCE 2 Project Management Foundation and Practitioner Qualification.

London, UK

Zoë Kremer


Advisory Board

Sherry Lassiter

President & CEO, The Fab Foundation

Michael Werner

Head of Circular Economy, Google

Sriya Sundaresan

Climate Tech Advisor & Angel Investor

Ian DeWeerdt

Director of Project Development & Finance, Resource Dynamics

Uli Becker

Angel Investor

Alan Gershenfeld

President, E-Line Media

John Warner

Co-founder, Beyond Benign

Zachary Trautt

Materials Research Engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology

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