Nature's Recipe Book

Our mission is to enable everyone, everywhere to participate in the
next generation of materials.

Material solutions

We bring together a global community of designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and citizens to work collectively on some of the greatest material challenges in the circular economy using open source tools.

Market innovation

We lower barriers to entry in the biomaterials market, everywhere. Our recipes are a starting point for materials and product R&D. Coming soon is a database of material properties to advance development.

Local supply networks

We support the development of local supply networks that are regenerative by design. The abundance and high distribution of renewable biomass enables local economic development for a more resilient circular economy.

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Imagine if all our materials were nutrients.

Step into a forest. Dive under the ocean. All the biomass around you - all the living and dying and building of habitat - is a vast and continual production of materials. And yet forests have no landfill, the ocean no waste water. For billions of years, plants and animals have evolved to make materials with a particular set of ingredients and techniques that other organisms know how to source, use, breakdown, and use again.

It’s time we took notes.

We envision a world where our plastics and composites nourish living systems. Where global supply chains are replaced by nested nutrient networks that regenerate local and regional economies and ecosystems.

Help us plant the seeds for a new generation of materials.

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