Growing the next generation of materials It’s time for a materials economy that regenerates nature and supports human health Read our vision
With open data and AI, Materiom supports scientists, producers and brands to develop materials that are good for the planet. What does this mean?
The Materiom Commons gathers the world’s knowledge on materials made from 100% biobased sources.
Advance your R&D and build on the latest research by exploring our open-access database of biomaterials recipes – what they’re made of, how they’re made, and their performance properties.
Showcase your biobased innovations to gain exposure and collaborate with an international community of scientists, engineers, and designers to accelerate your R&D.
Search the user directory by industry or discipline to find world-leading innovators from our 9000+ community across 50 countries.
The Materiom community brings together a range of materials innovators, from scientists, designers, and engineers, to start-ups, manufacturers, and brands.
Featured materials from our database

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