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For billions of years, terrestrial and marine habitats have thrived in producing vast quantities of materials, all without landfill or waste. It’s time we took notes.

Materiom provides open data on how to make materials that nourish local economies and ecologies. We support companies, cities, and communities in creating and selecting materials sourced from locally abundant biomass that are part of a regenerative circular economy.

Our library features open source recipes for materials made from abundant biomass that can be locally sourced. Recipes use green chemistry methods and nutrients such as sugars, proteins, fats and common minerals, making them biodegradable by design.

The properties of our materials are measured scientifically, so they can be compared to materials on the market. Data can be used to identify sustainable alternatives for product design.

Recipes are contributed by our international community of designers, scientists, engineers and artists. They are licensed as open source to encourage rapid advancement and widespread use. Materiom Hubs are centers of regional expertise, creating a feedback loop between local sourcing and market application, and our international network for materials R&D.



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