The future is open

Powered by open data and AI, Materiom offers a suite of software tools to analyze, optimize, and commercialize regenerative materials.

Data Commons

An open database of regenerative materials - what they're made of, how they're made, and their performance properties. Share your work and gain deeper insights from an international community of scientists, engineers, and designers by making an open data contribution.

Powered by machine learning algorithms that gather the world of scientific research on regenerative materials into one place. We use FAIR data principles - making data findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable - to ensure everyone, everywhere, can make use of open data to build a regenerative materials economy.

AI-driven Optimization and Testing

Our robotics lab makes material synthesis and testing quick and easy. Digitally submit your formulation and receive performance data in return, including mechanical, thermal, and barrier properties.

Accelerate materials R&D with AI. Input material process and property data and select your performance goals. Our active learning software will suggest how to optimize your material formulation.


Using life-friendly chemistry principles, Materiom screens regenerative materials to assess biodegradability, nutrient value, and sustainable sourcing practices based on their ingredients and processing.
The Materiom marketplace takes a data-driven approach to scaling regenerative solutions. It matches material developers and consumer goods companies based on performance and procurement requirements. This fosters partnerships to rapidly bring new materials to market.

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